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How to Treat a Nasal Septum Piercing

The perforation of the nasal septum or perforation of the nasal septum is the occurrence of an abnormal hole communicating both nasal passages, causing bothersome symptoms such as nasal obstruction, runny nose, nasal crusting, and frequent nosebleeds. The causes that can cause a perforated nasal septum are usually related to previous nasal surgeries. However, it is also common to find cases of nasal septum perforated by drugs or trauma.

As we said, the perforation of the nasaa septum is generally a consequence of previous nasal surgeries. Other common causes of the presence of a perforated nasal septum are trauma and repeated cauterizations over the nasal septum and/or nasal plugging in people with repeated nosebleeds.

Some less frequent causes are systemic diseases that cause inflammation of the nose and paranasal sinuses, which end up causing a loss of tissue in it. It is also closely related to the abuse of toxic substances such as cocaine.

The nasal septum pierced by drugs is common because nasally, consumption generates direct damage to the mucosa and also contains substances that generate antibodies that attack the blood vessels that supply the nose.


The main consequences that a perforated nasal septum can have are:

  • Nasal obstruction
  • Mucus and scab formation
  • Recurrent nosebleeds
  • Whistles (in case of small perforations)

In addition to symptoms directly related to nasal perforation, some patients are aesthetically affected. The aesthetic consequences of having a perforated nasal septum or not having a nasal septum are characterized by a deformity of the nose called a saddle nose. It is characteristic of cases of perforation of the very anterior and/or superior septum.

Treatment Of Perforation Of The Nasal Septum

The treatment for perforated nasal septum is based on the symptoms of the patient and the impact on the quality of life. There are perforations that do not produce symptoms, which do not require any treatment. However, when faced with a perforation of the nasal septum that produces symptoms, the best alternative is the reconstruction of the perforated nasal septum by surgery.


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